Rabu, 2 Jun 2010

Its June, people...

Yup, its already June: in fact we are in our second day of June, which with that, I left with another 5 days to hitting my EDD, and miserably to say that there is still no sign of labor. And its kinda good, because I can actively sewing in the studio. Hehehe..

So, whats I've been up to? Well, orders from the customers is basically 90% done (I only have a toddler dress to sew), so I just sewing something for hubby, Zahra and me.

1) Hubby requested this zipper pouch like months ago, but having busy with other people stuff, I put this below my priority. Well, he kinda understand and never ever remind me about the pouch: but well, I never forget (I do jot it down in my to-do-list, hehehe). So after more than a month, he happily getting his zipper pouch. 'Nak letak all his computer/telephone cabels', katanya.

2) Military pants for Zahra. I bought the fabric from Kamdar, Putrajaya. They sell variety colors (black, blue and green) and i chose black as it looks tough. Hehehe.. 1mtr can sew 2 pants for lilZahra (later will become kakak).

3) Nursing cover for me. I am a big fan of breastfeeding, and I am looking forward to breastfed my newborn. Never had one before, as previously, if we went out I will express my milk and gave bottle to Zahra, and if she refused the bottle, I will run to the toilet/nursing room to nurse her. I am still have this kind of shyness to nurse in public. So, I hope by having this nursing cover, it will ease my breastfeeding journey.

OK, thats all. I see you when I see you. Heheheheh :D


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  1. Love the pants... and the nursing cover... great job... ^_^