Isnin, 28 Jun 2010

Little Shogun Romper

The fabric was bought months ago. It was planned to make pillow cases and bed sheets for Hamza, however, I was so hook up with other people orders and delaying in making one and finally end up using the old ones which is a lot actually.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking to sew something for Hamza, and bumped over this blog with this cute shogun pajama and without hesitate I made one for my lil’guy (with slight modification: instead of making plain shogun top, I altered it and became shogun romper).

This is what I made:

The top romper:

I just finished this baju, so I guess the action picture will be featured tomorrow. ;)

Have a good day everyone. And yeah, result for my Birthday Giveaway will be out tomorrow. So, stay tune..


4 ulasan:

  1. wah nice..
    hmm dh ada label baru ye...hehe

  2. salam kak,

    seluar tu untuk kakak ke? hehe! untung jadi anak2 akak..nak apply boleh? jd anak angkat ke..huehehe!

  3. as usual, aku suka betol tgk jahitan ko yg kemassss ni.. envy u! hehe..