Jumaat, 4 Jun 2010

Peeking into my studio

A friend of mine who wanted to set up her own sewing studio was asking me, what I have in my studio. So, this is roughly view of my messy sewing studio.

The machines:

Fabrics: Not much of it. As till today, I stick to the local fabrics store; never buy any international designer fabric yet. Just not yet.. hehehe.. Btw, sorry for the messyness. With this big belly, its hard for me to bend down to organize the fabrics.

Threads and bobbins: Something that must buy item if we drop by the sewing/craft shop; even I don’t have any plan/matching fabric to use the thread on.

Elastics, thin sponge, and interfacings:


Zippers, commercial bias tape and bias tape makers (various sizes):

Buttons: I bought a lots of snap prong buttons as I have a little project on it. Hehehe...


Ironing section:

But basically, as what Anna Maria Horner mentioned in her book, you don’t really need a room in order to sew. Just find a cozy space in your house, and you can start sewing right away.

OK, people. Now let me have a peek on your sewing studio..


5 ulasan:

  1. Well organized! At the moment, I only have a sewing corner. Bilik satu lg tu bocoq. Teringin gak nak buat 1 sewing studio kat rumah baru nanti, insya Allah. Kalo ada budget lebeh2.. Hehe..

  2. Dear Neeza, nak tanya prong button tu boleh beli di mana yer since dah jumpa kat one of craft store but little bit pricey.

    Anyway congrate for your newborn.


  3. ira, tq :)
    hafizah, i beli bulk kat china. kat sini like daiso mmg ada jual but yup skit and very pricey. yg i bli tu pon bnyk baru dpt harga murah, if not tak berbaloi shipping cost.
    hope tis help :)

  4. can i come over for raya and go thru your book section pretty please!!!

  5. Unaisah, Jmput2.. drop me an eml then.. :)