Ahad, 27 Jun 2010

Sexy Sunday..

Hahah, gimmick je title tu..

I read somewhere that Mothercare is having their mid-year sale right now. Oh, how desperately I want to go, I really want to go, to buy lotsa nursing/sleeping bra but hubby said ‘tak payah la’. I am sad but fret not, I’ve done this before, so I don’t think I have any problem to do this again.

Yeah, making my own sleeping/nursing bra. This is the previous one: I made this during my pregnancy period. It is comfortable but no longer fit my post-pregnancy B that full of milk. So, since I love my own work, I made not one but two.

I am soo greedy now am thinking to cut the old shirts and transform them to more and more nursing/sleeping bras. Nyah hahah…

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3 ulasan:

  1. hehe..tak lama lg ada line lingerie sendiri (brand neezaneedle) kah? (^o^)//

  2. lynn, hahah.. sendiri pakai untuk diri sndiri bole la.. nk komersialize, i dont think so.. ekekekek..

  3. haha.. cute la.. kena buat tutorial nih..

    salam kenal.. :)