Jumaat, 25 Jun 2010

Today is my day..

I am now in my 20days of my confinement period. So as it said la.. I am still on my strictly confinement diet complete with body binder and all the rempah/mandi lulur, however being a fulltime housewife, the house chores (launderettes, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, except cooking) must continue to perform. It’s been a month I being a sahm. Not a single complaint for the time being as the monthly salary is still there; wait till it stop, then.. hehehe..

So, what’s up in the studio?
I’ve start sewing and taking order for raya. Yup, you read it right. I know it is a taboo to sew during confinement (in our Malay culture), and I am not trying to prove anything here. It just that sitting and doing nothing can basically kill me, so to avoid committing suicide, I need to be me: pampering myself with things that I like: kemas rumah and sewing.

My first project (after delivery) was sewing the baju kurung(s) for little kiddo(s) age one and two. A very simple sewing however took me more than 2days to complete it. Well, I guess my sewing momentum is still decelerating. I am in adjusting mode as a mother of two: one being very active (however easy to control) and another one being a koala bear that love my b00bs very much. Yes, Hamza is very clinging. My me-sewing-time is when he is asleep, and at that time I also need to sleep as well. So, kena pandai curi-curi masa untuk menjahit.

Menjahit sambil menyusu ni:

So, what’s up with the above title?
Well, today is my birthday. *grin* I am 31 years old, married, having a stable life with a secure career, with a pair of kid. I am content. Thank you Allah swt for all the gives. I couldn’t ask for more.

And since today is my special day, I would like to give something to my beloved blog reader: you can choose: to have a (A) book: Panduan Menjahit Pakaian by Mariam Abu Bakar or (B) 4mtr fabric (suitable for making baju kurung).

So choose A or B (or both, but you will be able to get only a gift) by commenting at the comment box below. Add together your email address, ya. You’ll have till Monday to enter this giveaway. Lucky two will be announced on Tuesday, 29 June 2010. Good luck. Oh, again open for Malaysian resident only (everyone are welcome to join as long as you have a mailing address in Malaysia). Heheheh…

That’s all. Thank you for visiting NeezaNeedleS.com.

Oh..oh.. I need to go now.. Lil’Guy is screaming:


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  1. Wah..dah start menjahit? A true crafter la you nih.. :)
    Happy birthday to you...
    Best wishes & have a great one!

    oh..on the giveaway...would love to get (A) the book. Thanks for having the giveaway!

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  3. Assalamualaikum wbt..Hai there birthday girl! Happy 31st birthday Neeza, one year older yet as special as ever! though I've just been reconnected with u here but i could never forget ur face and ur big laugh during our matrix days! ya, you the brilliant-happy go lucky girl with a big laugh :) I wish you all the best in ur life, semoga sentiasa di bawah lindungan & rahmat dari Allah sentiasa..
    As the saying goes, u give a man a fish & it will only lasts a day but teach him to fish & it'll lasts him forever..therefore I'm more interested with (A)the book *grin* (this is really awkward coz i'm suppose to give u a present yet it's the other way around hahah) who knows someday i can show you what I learnt from it, right? thanks a zillion za :)
    from the bottom of my heart, wannhairani@yahoo.com

  4. Happy birthday & congratulations on your newborn baby. I've never left any comment kat blog ni tapi dah khatam baca semua entry :). Boleh ke nak join your giveaway ni? I'm interested dengan yg (A) tu. My email add:

  5. Salam Neeza. Happy birthday and congratulations on your newborn :). I know how you feel adjusting to two kids. I have two myself. It gets a lot easier as the baby grows. Arwen can play by herself infront of the tv while I sew when previously, she’s clingy too. Kita di kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya ye...

    I’d like to have to book kalau terpilih to win this giveaway. My email add is rozirahman@gmail.com

  6. i forgot to leave my email.. azaidris@ymail.com :)

  7. dropping by to wish you a blessed birthday.. tak it easy and have plenty of rest kay..

    p/s - I suppose I cant enter the giveaway right *SULK*

  8. Sue, since you ada di Malaysia nnt, bole la u join. Gimme ur Malaysia address. Tak kira sabah or sarawak if you r d lucky one, i'll post it to u. Good luck :)

  9. salam kak neeza, happy birthday!
    may Allay will bless u n ur family...

    cantik2 la jahitan kat neeza, i really admire all of them...

  10. salam kak,

    hehe..semoga panjang umur yg dirahmati Allah swt dan bahagia bersama keluarga tersayang hingga akhir hayat..insyaallah..

    saya dah ada buku tu, kain tu pun tempting gak :DDD ~ kalu menang le ^^

  11. Salam..
    Hi K nza...

    Hehe.not interested with the kain n the book (of course!jahit sembat pun tak tau..).Just dropping by to wish u a very hepi n blessed birthday..(belated..sowie..)

    Nway gud luck dengan ur so called pantang..
    pantang nampak mesin jahit..! kalu tahu, patut kain ritu wat baju kurung Hamra..huhu..

  12. happy birthday neeza.
    eh, btw, kalau dari melaka mau temah untuk bebudak cemana?bagi you baju kurung bebudak ni yang lama ke as measurement?

  13. typo ( huruf p tidak timbul sebab anak dara ku duduk kan keyboard kat laptop ni )

  14. Kak Arin, kalo nk tempah bole bg baju lama n measurement pon ok. For measurement, bole eml sy untuk detail x? neeza79@yahoo.com

    :) tq

  15. Bagi orang yang tangan kayu (ada ka?) kain tula yang jadi pilihan :D
    Happy Birthday Neeza. Moga bertambah2 rezeki dan maintain cun.

  16. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    saya nak yg A, dah lame teringin tp tak beli2 lagik...

  17. Happy Birthday Neeza! Semoga dirahmati Allah, dimurahkan rezeki dan berbahagia di samping keluarga tercinta.

    Nak join gak giveaway ni & I choose for item "A" (book)


  18. Happy Birthday Neeza... Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

    Just trying my luck for the giveaway. i'm choosing the book.

    Take care sis!

  19. salam neeza,
    zana ucapkan selamat hari jadi ke 31.tahniah juga atas kelahiran putera neeza yg hensem tu.
    utk giveaway ni zana pilih buku tu ( A ) sbb boleh tambahkan lagi ilmu menjahit yg memang zero nih. ape-ape pun terima kasih atas peluang ini.


  20. Happy Birthday neeza..semoga terus ceria disamping keluarga tersayang..
    bleh join lagi ke ni?hehe..kalau menang saya nak buku tu ye..bleh tambah lagi ilmu menjahit yang tak seberapa ni...