Isnin, 5 Julai 2010

A little Announcement

We only have less than 90days left before we’re going to celebrate the eid Mubarak. Yeap, I’m talking about raya even though it seems to be another a months before approaching Ramadan. Well, this year, the aura starts quite early. Not because I am too excited to celebrate raya with the new family member (even I am indeed excited) but this is because I have started to sew baju kurung, baju kurung, and more baju kurung(s).

This is for Lil chubby Yasmin :)

One down, more to sew..

And yes, when I said more to sew, I really mean it:

Thus, I am happy to announce that baju kurung/baju melayu/maternity dress/whateva you want me to sew order(s) for Hari Raya is now CLOSED. But for those I’ve promised that I’ll sew for you, the promised is still on provided that you send me the fabrics asap.

I thank you all for the support given.
Love you, my readers cum my customers very much.. muuahhh…


6 ulasan:

  1. insyaAllah bulan ni balik KL.. akan ku zoom kain2 ke umah mu hehehe

  2. that includes mine... have u check on my email dear with regards to pattern?

  3. Ena, anto cepat wei..
    DD, checked. noted. :)

  4. aiyaa... br cek2.. dah closed rupanya.. hehehe... maybe nk ne carik yg dah siap utk my damia...

  5. aww man, you do maternity dresses too? darn. and i'm already about to pop next month =(
    eh you look so darn familiar lah (sorry my mind is usually blur during pregnancy)

  6. Hi neeza, are my 5 kids baju kurung in ur list? *praying they are*