Khamis, 8 Julai 2010

First hat

I like watching the local reality tv show. Named it akademi fantasia, oiam, project runaway (why la only one season.. discontinued?), gadis melayu, mentor and now am watching Keynote. Surprisingly, one of my favorite bloggers is one of the contestants.

The blogger mentioned is FynnJamal: and this is her blog link. Ok, now you know that I am a poetic person (weird isn’t it: for someone who is a microbiologist). Hihihih..

And if you watch the show (keynote), you’ll noticed that she wears this cool rapper hat. I like that hat. So, I made one: for me obviously..

*I used the knit cotton fabric bought recently.

And since this is my very first time making hat, I need to have referral, and lucky to stumble upon the pattern in one of my Cotton Friend magazines.

Modelling me.. Still fat, tho... hahahahaha... (feeling ala jap model.. Kasi can okey)..

Ok, that’s all for my tea break. Needs to get back to real sewing. Chiow..

4 ulasan:

  1. sgt comel... mcm model korea... hehe...

  2. focus on the hat guys.. not me.. hahaha

  3. cannot help it, mmg ter-fokus ke tuannya dulu, then the hat. bila nak buat gig? huehehe! :p