Sunday, July 18, 2010

I just doesn't wanna miss a thing

Looking at the above picture, I still can't believe that I am a mother of two. I am indeed happy to be one thus, decided to giving up my job for a year. Yup, I'm taking a year unpaid leave just to be home with my kids. And guess what, they approved my application. I know, life would be pretty tight (without the monthly pay) but I am positively thinking that I'll survive. InsyaAllah..

*picture taken yesterday as we went for a friend wedding reception. Btw, I'm done with my 40 days confinement period. Yippie..


  1. woww.. syoknyeee anak2.. n maknya laa kan dpt cuti setahun...
    kalo kat japan kan... boleh ambik sehingga setahun unpaid leave utk jaga anak dan dgn baik hati kerajaan jepun akan bagi duit sikit kat ibu2 ini... syokkan kalo camtu?

  2. congratulations on the end of the confinement period..
    you look fab in the pic..? did you manage to get back to your ideal weight yet..?
    good to hear bout the a year off from work thing.. hope you enjoy every moment spent with your lil ones..

  3. hp for you. im positive that u'll b fine without the monthly pay. sure lps ni lg kencang sewing studio you :)

  4. salam kak..

    sekejap je masa berlalu..dah abes pantang pun dia :D jgn le tak caya, baru dua tu, kekekeke! muat lg rumah/keta tu ^^

    sila nyanyi "i will survive" style gloria gaynor okeh :D

  5. yeay!! congrats neeza dah boleh kuar rumah jalan2!! hahaha bestnya bleh cuti setahun.. nak jugak la cuti cam tu ... :P

    ak tanya: mustika ratu nyer set tu ok tak? ada effect kat susu tak?

  6. Dear friends, thanks for the warm wishes. Harap bole survive dan bole bertahan (dok rumah with the kiddos.. hahah).

    Zura, ok je set tu. Sebab murah rm35 dan ada semua (bengkung, pilis, tepal ke mende) so I am well satisfied. Dan suka sangat minyak telon dia. Am buying another bottle sebab yang current dah habis. :)