Jumaat, 30 Julai 2010

Preparation for convocation

Yeah, we going for convocation tomorrow. No, not mine. I had mine like 8years ago (gosh, I am seriously o.l.d.). This time around is my little sista.
To Sya: Happy Graduation. All the hardwork paid, right.. So, now I supposed to address you as an accountant, eh? Hihihihi...

Since I am quite excited to go to the ceremony (even I can't allowed to enter the hall due to no official invitation) I made a new summer tops with matching pants for Zahra, with a color match hat because I know its going to be very hot there in MMU.

Fabric for apparel was bought from Zura-LovemeLots, while for hat was bought from Sue, My Botang. And sewing using designer fabric is so satisfactory. Heheheh.. Action picha, wait till tomorrow, ok..

Btw, to reminisce, this is me, during my post-grad convocation in UiTM, 3years ago. Zahra was just 45days old at that particular time. Hehehe...


3 ulasan:

  1. salam,

    kiranya baru abes pantang le kak ni, hamboi..berseri-seri :DDD

  2. masa diampaian nampak pendek je baju dan suar tu.. bila zahra pakai nampak ngam2 shantek je!! lawa lawa lawa

  3. lynn, haah.. lepas pantang yg tak la brapa pantang nyer.. heheh..
    ena, thanks :)