Sabtu, 7 Ogos 2010

Get an A stitches quality

To maintain the quality of your machine stitches, the most important notion should be in perfect condition: that would be the needle.

Thus, it is recommended that you should change your needle every three to six months depending on your frequency of sewing activity.

Seriously, I just knew about this. So, when is your last time changing the needle? Me, just now - After a year of using it.. Such an ignorance, eh?

5 ulasan:

  1. neeza, lamanya, a year? lol...i changed after 8 hours or for every project after reading it somewhere last year :)Cuma nowadays bercinta nak tukar serger needle memikirkan nak thread the machine...malasnyerr...

  2. a year..very terer la u. I selalu je patahkan jarum. This month je dah 3 kali kot hehehe

  3. Zura, Aza,
    Iye setaun. Sejak beli tak tukar2 jarumnya. Tukar twin nEedle adalah. Punya la kedekut nk tukar. Rasa mcm as long as bole pakai, lenjan je. Until recently realise mata dia macam ada bengkok skit, baru la nk tukar. Pas tu ble baca sewing book, the book suggested tukar selalu to maintain quality stiches. Barula tersedar diri ni.. Hehehe.. Well tgk nnt after 3-6 months ingat tak nak tukar.. Ekekekek

  4. tiap-tiap bulan tukar rasanya. last week 5 batang patah..hihi..


  5. sy pun, tukar sebulan sekali sbb patah.... pun br tau info ni... pasni nk carefull la.. thanx for sharing...