Rabu, 4 Ogos 2010

Some random thought

1) I am kinda busy. Yes, I am busy.

2) I pledged myself that all orders must reach customers by 1st September 2010.

3) The studio is in a big mess. Dear Hubby, Enter at your own risk.

4) Some of the fabrics have been cut, waited to be sergered:

5) Honestly said, I am not good with web designing. I prefer something that is simple but nice. Well, I changed the blog header. What do you think?

Have a wonderful August, readers :)

4 ulasan:

  1. header tu u did yourself ke? cantik.

  2. salam,

    first time laid eyes on the header, satu benda 'pop' kat my thought. it was some drawing from old text book (tahun 70-an kot). classic and simple.

  3. cantik la blog header tu. buat cemana?

  4. yup guys, i made the header from stretch: cut and paste at powerpoint then edit guna paint.. hahah- gigih.. tu yg agak noise gambo tu.. ekekekek