Rabu, 29 September 2010

Cut and paste

For the past two weeks, I've been introduced Zahra on how to use the scissors correctly. She knew that scissors are meant for cutting, (she even have the plastic scissors) but I never really expose her to metal scissors afraid that she might gonna misuse the scissors and cut herself instead. But later, I noticed that she hold the plastic scissors correctly and been cutting papers but of course nothing would be cut as it a fake one.

Thus, we went to the stationary shop and this time around I get her a big drawing block, color papers, metal scissors and a glue.

I taught her on how to make a simple collage, but I knew she's already know 'how to' based on daily interactive learning with Mr. Maker (cBeebies channel from hyppoTV).

Zahra excited doing her first collage:

While Hamza, obediently being an observer:

It took 3days to complete one.

Later the creativity runs wild. She's now playing 'masak-masak' cutting all the color papers as the ingredient for her to cook.

And I just have to bear with the mess. Huhuhu...

Selasa, 28 September 2010

From my working desk..

I am so in love with this view.. They keep me alive, and alert.

Have a happy day, readers..


Isnin, 27 September 2010

Make your own ring slings (Project Refashion)

Lets baby-wear everyone!

I made my own ring slings with simple gathered shoulder and am happy to share on how to make it with you. :)

The ingredient:

Sturdier fabric (most recommended is linen) at about 2 yards or 2metre depends on how long you want the 'tail' to be,
Rings (the one that selling in slingrings.com is most recommended; local Malaysian can buy at SnuggBaby.com), and
Sewing machine

Btw, This is a project refashion. Why? Because I transform my unused pareo (did I tell you I have a lot of them.. :)), linen silk fabric bought from Myanmar to make this ringslings.

The steps:
1) The body fabric size would be (approximately) 2 yards long X 25inch width. So, cut the pareo into that size.

2) For the shoulder part, you'll need a fabric size 25inch X 12inch and hem the seam to make it look neat.

3) Join the shoulder part and the body with double sew so that the stitch is strong.

4) It will be looking like this:

5) Insert the rings onto the shoulder part, fold into two and sew them together to the body. Make sure your stitches is strong.

6) And, there you're done. You can have a longer (or shorter) tail which ever you prefer. Mine is just nice.

Some action picture:

Isn't this beauty is beautiful? I love this to bits.

You guys: Happy trying and Happy day ahead!!!


Khamis, 23 September 2010

Such adorables

My kids being pictured by some 'hobby-er' (nak cakap amateur, but they work looks professional, however) photographer. Nice eh?

Thanks Shah and Anip. This is awesome!!!

Thank you.. :D

www.sewing.craftgossip.com for featuring me...

Rabu, 22 September 2010

Convert a pareo to an elastic skirt

*pareo is also known as wrap around skirt.

I like pareo but having to tie them up seems a little bit hassle and if you tied improperly, it will not only looks ugly but becoming too narrow till you'll have difficulty to walk. Since I have few pareos and living them unwear is such a waste, I converted them to become normal A-line skirt.

I'll show you how.

1) This is the pareo or a simple piece of cloth people tied and become skirt.

2) First, cut the fabric to and A-line shape.

3) Serge the cut area and sew them back.

4) Now, you'll have an A-line skirt structured.

5) Fold an inch at the top of the skirt and sew it.

6) Insert an elastic.

7) Sew the middle of the elastic to place them properly.

8) And you're done

Easy rite?

And this is our action picture.

Happy trying and happy day as well :-)

Selasa, 21 September 2010


a.k.a. sedondong.

I like being match-match with the members of the family, either wearing the the same baju or similar color. Previously, during raya, I did planned to make match-match attires for the family members but later was paused afraid that Mat's baju melayu didn't turn out well and been thinking that Hamza wont fit his baju melayu sooner, so I settled with any fabrics that I have in my library (for the kids) and only bought fabrics for me and dear hubs. Maybe.. I said maybe, insyaAllah next year raya we will be looking matchy-matchy. Hehehe..

OK, back to the objective, I've made the kids match pajamas not long time ago, you can read the entry here and here.

Cute eh? Matchy-matchy.

And later I decided to join them.. heheheh...

Good night readers. Sweet dream.. :)