Ahad, 5 September 2010

Breastmilk and fabric..

DOES NOT goes together.

I knew about this since Zahra's time. My bad, for being an ignorance, who does not learnt from lesson, thus the thing that I hate most happened again. Few of Hamza's bajus (hand-down from his sis, fortunately) was ruined due to the growth of fungus.

So, readers, if your baby happen to puke a lot after each breastfeeding session and spill it on their baju, quickly clean the stain or if not, the baju will end up in the dustbin.

5 ulasan:

  1. Aiyo.. You don't learn your lesson is it? :D So far baju2 Emir masih selamat lagik, compared to Adam. I learned my lesson well. :D

  2. Far, Lynn,
    Jerat tidak mungkin melupakan pelanduk. And me is the pelanduk lupa diri itu. Hehehe

  3. aqil banyak baju die yg jadi mcm ni..mak die ni asyik terlupa je..aihhhh

  4. Maria, blk taska kena chk baju satu-satu.. senang redam je baju trus.. if not sayang wooo