Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Convert a pareo to an elastic skirt

*pareo is also known as wrap around skirt.

I like pareo but having to tie them up seems a little bit hassle and if you tied improperly, it will not only looks ugly but becoming too narrow till you'll have difficulty to walk. Since I have few pareos and living them unwear is such a waste, I converted them to become normal A-line skirt.

I'll show you how.

1) This is the pareo or a simple piece of cloth people tied and become skirt.

2) First, cut the fabric to and A-line shape.

3) Serge the cut area and sew them back.

4) Now, you'll have an A-line skirt structured.

5) Fold an inch at the top of the skirt and sew it.

6) Insert an elastic.

7) Sew the middle of the elastic to place them properly.

8) And you're done

Easy rite?

And this is our action picture.

Happy trying and happy day as well :-)


  1. hoyey.. jadik dah skirt.. hmm nak convert kain batik la.. nanti nama dia - batik conversion, mcm glamer je kan..

    the part i like about this pic.. tgk la zahra!! she copy cat u!!!!

  2. weh lawanye pareooo tu..beli kat mana hahaha..ok betul ikat2 ni leceh lagi2 si boroi mcm tukang komen nih haaaaa

  3. salam,

    tengok le zahra! hehehe..kiut ^^

    akak, nak tanya la..berapa number akak setting serger machine tu ek? masih kompius la..saya tak tau whether serging saya kemas or not. sebab dh terbiasa ngan serging kedai yg ala-ala rapat gitu. please help me..wawawa..

    btw, mine is singer yg 1 jarum 3 benang tu :) thanks!

  4. Zoora, kain batik pon bole gak. senang nak dipakai dalam pantang nanti.. hehehe
    Mai, lama dah pareo tu. Beli kat teluk batik tahun 2005 kot. Dan mana ada u buncit la.. Apa kata kalo u justifykan kebuncitan itu.. ekekeke...
    Lynn, akak pon kurang arif pasal serger ni selalu main2 je dial dia. nnt akak tgk kalo menjadi taktik akak wat tutorialnya.. heheh
    Sya, sibuk cik kak tu..

  5. Hi, just a question with regards to cutting the wrap-around skirt... Whn you say cut the skirt into an A-line shape, exactly what to you mean? I am not a big clothes sewer, just a beginner, you see, so would appreciate more help. I really like this idea as I have a couple of wrap-around skirts and don't wear them, because I prefer the "safety"/protection of a fully enclosed skirt. With thanks, Bern in Australia

  6. Hi Bern,

    Regarding your question, if you can see from picture #1, the wrap-around-skirt (pareo) does look like A but the side was uneven. So what you'll do is, cut the uneven part to more A shape and later cut the fabric into two pieces, serged before you combine both fabric. I hope you're clear with my explanation. You know if the shape is uneven what will happen is the skirt will look funny.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and happy trying :-)