Rabu, 29 September 2010

Cut and paste

For the past two weeks, I've been introduced Zahra on how to use the scissors correctly. She knew that scissors are meant for cutting, (she even have the plastic scissors) but I never really expose her to metal scissors afraid that she might gonna misuse the scissors and cut herself instead. But later, I noticed that she hold the plastic scissors correctly and been cutting papers but of course nothing would be cut as it a fake one.

Thus, we went to the stationary shop and this time around I get her a big drawing block, color papers, metal scissors and a glue.

I taught her on how to make a simple collage, but I knew she's already know 'how to' based on daily interactive learning with Mr. Maker (cBeebies channel from hyppoTV).

Zahra excited doing her first collage:

While Hamza, obediently being an observer:

It took 3days to complete one.

Later the creativity runs wild. She's now playing 'masak-masak' cutting all the color papers as the ingredient for her to cook.

And I just have to bear with the mess. Huhuhu...

5 ulasan:

  1. alohai hamza..kecik2 dah skema jd observer :p

    rasanya mana2 rumah yg ada budakkenit mmg bersepah kot..hihi! dun bother ^^

  2. geram tgk si kenit tu...

    anak i dah 6 thn pun main masak2 gak lg.buat kek pakai jigsaw puzzle.bile suh tolong kt dapur..very excited..setakat petik daun bayam pun excited..

  3. Lynn, org cakap, kalo nak rumah kemas dengan ada orang kenit ni is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreo. Imposible.. heheheh..
    Hafizah, anak pompuan mmg kena pupuk main masak2 ni.. insyaAllah, senang besok kita.. ekekekke

  4. i've been trying to suruh zahraa practice guna gunting jugak. kat sekolah seems ok je dia buat cut n paste ni. but the other day kantoi dia cuba potong rambut dia!! arrggh.. tidak!! maybe tak ready lagi kot main gunting kot eh?? kena tunggu umur cam your zahra kot

  5. Zoora, mmg kena tgu dia bersedia sbb kalo tak, nnt bukan-bukan yg diptong nyer.. erk, tak sanggup la aku.. ekekek