Jumaat, 17 September 2010

Eleven months left and here's my plan

The last Ramadhan really open wide my eyes, on my purpose on taking a year unpaid leave: that is to be with the kiddos and family full time AND me in the studio part-time, and not the other way round.

I was swamped with orders and most of my night time was spent in the studio, leaving me energy-less to entertain the kids during daytime. I enjoy sewing, I do. But what I enjoy most is sewing for the family: I miss sewing dresses for Zahra, tops for me, trying on new sewing techniques and patterns and I did planned to change the cushion covers for Raya but the fabric still left raw, untouched.

Thus, I've been making plans during the long Syawal holidays. Plans involving me, the kids and the family:

1. I plan that we (me and Zahra) will have a daily time-table (as in term of home-schooling her): like in the morning, we will have drawing session, artsy crafty, ABC, 123, iqra' (depends on her mood and my mood as well) and as usual evening time will be spent in either the playground or swimming pool depends on weather, and I am also trying to do some gardening involving us.

2. I plan to sew more for me and the family, meaning not only attires for Zahra and Hamza but for Mat as well. Hehehe.. we will see about this. The first project (baju melayu) was a successfully made thus I am looking forward to see my man in my handmade shirts, pants, capri and suchs. The fabrics has been bought so we'll see about this.

3. I also plan to start back to crochet, resuming back the unfinished project (harap bole berjaya.. huhuhu)

4. And finally, I also have this in mind: coming out with my own clothing line, which I hope you guys out there will be wanting to buy.. hehehehe.. What kind of product? Just wait and see ok..

Thus, due to the above plans, I decided to not taking anymore orders from outsiders, as for the time being. Sewing for other people means putting a higher commitment and yes, is kinda stressful, and obviously I do not want to spoil other people fabrics and so. And YES, I fell bad when I put aside other people orders and sew my own baju(s), when sewing your baju(s) suppose to be my priority. However, to those who have already sent me your fabrics, I will sew them and trying to finish within the dateline, insyaAllah.

I hope and pray to fully utilize this eleven months. Ameenn...

OK, Till then, you peeps, have a nice day ahead :)


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  1. Ameen.

    Ok betul bab yg bila kite ada order, tpi alih2 sibuk nak jahit baju anak sendiri, tapi bila fikir kesian pulak kat anak, asyik jahit baju anak org je..kan kan?

    good luck in ur timetable and do update more lahhh..nak tgk apa u sew for mat :p sbb i dono wat to sew for my man or malas shud i say :p

  2. Great plans Neeza, sometimes I do feel this way too...I think the only way for to get fewer orders (and more time to sew for my family) is by pricing a bit higher than most sewing blogs offer, that way, I get less order but each order is worth more. My next plan sama cam you, sewing more for that very patient man in my life lol. Good luck babe!

  3. *wah... ni 'otai-otai' dtg memberi semangat ni.. heheheh...*

    Thanks Mai, Zura. Hopefully apa yang dirancang dapat direalisasikan. Yup, mebe my upah is quite murah, so alhamdullilah, rezeki agak melimpah ruah jadi tak menang tangan. Tapi takut nk letak harga mahal sebab me no expert, masih comot-comot kualiti jahitan itu.

    Tuar, tengah-tengah jahit baju customer tetiba dapat plak ilham nak jahit baju anak sendiri. Then put aside baju orang, uh.. tak baik-tak baik *geleng-geleng kepala*..

    So, mebe (insyaAllah), due on my sewing passion (and nak cari income skit), I might come out with my own product. I think by this, sewing will become more enjoyable, fun, and less stress. Jahit for other people pon fun jugak but stress (mengejar masa dan dalam masa yang sama nak kena jahit cantik2).

    Ok, panjang komen macam entry plak.. hehehe.. Chaiyok to me.. Aja aja fighting! Heyarkh.. (ekekeke...)

    Will write more insyaAllah.

  4. Good plan Neeza.. all the best.. I like your ideas.. I agree that less commisions allow us to venture to try some new sewing and sewing more for our family and home, however sewing for others give us the monetary motivation that actually help us improve in terms of our product quality.. finding the balance is the hard part..

    all the best.. keep us updated with your activities kay..

  5. salam,

    semoga berjaya dengan planning tu semua :D aja-aja-fighting!!

  6. Neeza,

    1 year will pass very quickly. I miss my cuti tanpa gaji days. Truly enjoy every single moment I spent with the kids.

  7. i hope your cllthing line would be for mums.. i want nursing blouses!!!!!