Isnin, 27 September 2010

Make your own ring slings (Project Refashion)

Lets baby-wear everyone!

I made my own ring slings with simple gathered shoulder and am happy to share on how to make it with you. :)

The ingredient:

Sturdier fabric (most recommended is linen) at about 2 yards or 2metre depends on how long you want the 'tail' to be,
Rings (the one that selling in is most recommended; local Malaysian can buy at, and
Sewing machine

Btw, This is a project refashion. Why? Because I transform my unused pareo (did I tell you I have a lot of them.. :)), linen silk fabric bought from Myanmar to make this ringslings.

The steps:
1) The body fabric size would be (approximately) 2 yards long X 25inch width. So, cut the pareo into that size.

2) For the shoulder part, you'll need a fabric size 25inch X 12inch and hem the seam to make it look neat.

3) Join the shoulder part and the body with double sew so that the stitch is strong.

4) It will be looking like this:

5) Insert the rings onto the shoulder part, fold into two and sew them together to the body. Make sure your stitches is strong.

6) And, there you're done. You can have a longer (or shorter) tail which ever you prefer. Mine is just nice.

Some action picture:

Isn't this beauty is beautiful? I love this to bits.

You guys: Happy trying and Happy day ahead!!!


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  1. cantik.. ring utk sling ni nak beli kat mana ye..

  2. oh! what a beauty! Thank you for having the tut. Very clear, simple & staright forward.

    Btw rings boleh jugak beli di

  3. simple n nice. baru nak cuba buat..

    thanks for the tutorial neeza..

  4. This tutorial has been featured at:

    ~~ Thanks all. You guys are awesome!!!

  5. Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial!!

  6. Hi. Do you sell this? I would like to purchase some for my online store. Kindly email me at Thanks

  7. Salam Perkenalan...saya baru nak berjinak2 dgn dunia menjahit mcm2 neh... nice idea..& simple tutorial...TQ

  8. mmg lawa la kak ^^ minat yg boleh mengembungkan poket wallet :D

  9. Terima kasih atas perkongsian ini. izinkan saya untuk mengambil ilmu yang disampaikan oleh neeza.. atau senang cerita C&P dan buat :P .....latifah.

  10. Wonderful! I found you through PaneAmoreECreatività, a friend who is pregnant just asked me to sew a ring sling: this tutorial is exactly what I was looking for!
    Thanks for sharing!!! :)