Selasa, 7 September 2010

Ramadhan and Raya

I think, just like any other crafters, this ramadhan I am quite busy with orders (baju kurungs, maternity dresses, baju melayus, etc). Alhamdullilah most of the orders was done and safely delivered to the customers. The tempahan was not that much though but having a growing up baby and the ramadhan month itself made me difficult to sew.

We went back to kampung on the first week of ramadhan and stayed almost a week. Hubs was having a meeting so follow him I must. And not to waste the precious time, I brought back the serger. Hahah..

And this was also the first time Hamza meeting his TokKi and Wan, and was in the car for more than 6hours. Look at our car, crowded with their carseats and I guarantee if we have another child (which possibly not now) we need to change to bigger vehicle. A coaster would be the best choice.. hehehe..

And on Merdeka Day, we've been tested. The only vehicle we have being hit by some reckless driver and was sent to the bengkel and later we realized that the cost of damage was a bomb. And that reckless driver refused to pay. Huhuhuh.. Nevermind then, we moved on..

Looks fine eh? But what do ya know?

So, by to date, we left only 3 days before celebrating Eid Mubarak if the prediction that raya will fall on 10 September is precise. So peeps, hows your preparation then?

Well, as for us nothing much. I don't bake so most of our cookies (by far, we have 4 types) was bought from friends. And as norm, we will be going back to Ipoh (on the first raya) and later on second raya will be heading east to Kuala Terengganu.

But this raya, I finally successfully made our baju rayas. And that include baju melayu for my man(s). Sewing baju melayu for Hamza is a piece of cake but for hubs, well, well what do you know. Ngee.. This would be the first baju I ever sewed for him, and the event is just so perfect, I am glad I made it. As for Zahra, she will have modern baju kurung, a tops and a dress, and two baju kurungs for truly yours (hehehe..).

Our baju raya:

Mat said this is good, very neat. Heheheh.. And telling the truth, sewing this baju melayu is easier than I expected. No seam ripper being use at all. And since I am so lazy to sew the buttonholes, I replaced the button with snap instead. Easier for me, and for hubs too. Tak da la adegan "butang baju melayu aku mana, Mah?" di pagi raya nanti. Heheheh..

Mine: Ok. This is so difficult and time consuming. I sewed more than 15 baju kurung (for this raya only) but have to sew and rip so many times just for this baju kurung. Why? because I am so gatal to try to jahit with side piping. Yup, this would be the first time and am satisfied with the final outcome but there's still a room for improvement (tebal nipis piping nya).

Zahra: obviously 1 meter fabric is no longer enough to make baju kurung for 3 yo toddler. So it became baju kurung modern instead.

Hamza: as easy as A, B, C. :D

OK. I think I have to stop now. Will updating on baju jalan Zahra later. Hamza needs my b00bies, NOW. Heheheh...

4 ulasan:

  1. salam,

    snap buttons on baju melayu? heheh! clever girl :D

    selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin.

  2. pergh baju mamat macam john master siot. tahniah2x :D

  3. Lynn, dpt idea dr baju jubah yg dibeli di Mekah
    Wani, thanks. Mmg membanggakan la.. :)

  4. asslm sukala ngk semua jhitan neeza.mcm sma je selera dgn saya.lg 1,sy ngk neeza ni more to jpan n chinese type ya?

    like me too.bju kurung neeza ambil tmphan ke? lg 1 nk tnya style jhit leher bju kurung ur zahra nicela.itu tikam mesin ya?but xbrape nmpk u made?