Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

5 months and still S.T.R.O.N.G

Its been 5 months I’ve stay home away from 8 to 5 day work. By now, I can say that I am finally successfully adjusting myself to the daily schedule: a schedule that looks same from Monday to Sunday, continuing to another Monday to Sunday, till the rest of the month. And still the same till today.

So basically my timetable is like:
Morning: Housechore and organizing the kids.
Noon: Housechore and lunch.
Afternoon: Hamza taking his afternoon nap, Zahra watching tv and I’ll have my sew time
Evening: Playground, or brisk walk with kiddos.
Nightime: Preparing dinner, loafing with hubby and kids.
Midnight: Hubby and kids in lalaland, and I’ll be resuming my work in the studio till 3am.

I think my daily activity is not much different from any other sahm/wahm, but one thing I learnt is that working at home does need lots of discipline. At first I’m kind a easily distracted with the internet : hopping from one blog to another, FBing and watsnot, till at the end of the day I noticed that I’ve done nothing but craps. Thus surfing the net is restricted to only when I am nursing Hamza, thanks to the phone. My current addiction is reading the business and marketing blog such as Mars Dorian, CraftMBA, and IttyBiz. Hei, check them out. They’re seriously good: better than reading personal blog that full of drama on what to cook yesterday, today and tomorrow.. hahahah.

Me and Zahra
She is now no longer my daughter (heheh), she can be considered as my best friend. And as best friend, we laugh together and sometimes when I am very busy in the sewing studio while she demands for attention, we fight. But Alhamdulillah seeing and being with her every day, I am no longer shouting or yelling making both of us are upset. Its either I will try hard to understand and comfort her or if thing get worse will ask her to get in the room to calm herself. Eventually when things get colder, both of us will be happy and back to the laughing mode.

Well, this is what I transpire as staying at home mother. I tried to be as positive as I can. Not whining, nor complaining. In fact, I just want to enjoy every single minutes. Its fun actually provided you’re full loaded of good activity (not just watching tv or sleeping like no tomorrow).

Permanently SAHM? Well, we’ll see about it. Telling the truth, I still doesn’t have the guts.


5 ulasan:

  1. caiyok neeza.....kalau niat kita betul,insya allah akan dipermudahkan....

  2. I think most of working mother has a dream to be like urs...

  3. caiyok!you can do it neeza!

  4. kak,

    tawakkal byk2..berdoalah pd Allah utk tunjukkan jalannya :)