Jumaat, 15 Oktober 2010

Because it keeps on coming in and NEVER out

The chest freezer finally reach its threshold. Since miss_b**bies is no brainier, until today she still fail to estimate on how much to produce everyday to cater with Hamza's intake. Thus, I still have to pump to release the engorgement and also to avoid me self from getting that horrible mastitis fever (which happen to attack me once I ignore to pump). And thing happen for a reason, thanks to you miss_b**bies today I have another child - Hayyan Nujaid. Alhamdulillah, its such a happy feeling to help other mother to survive on their breastfeeding journey.

The full chest freezer:

Giving Hana more or less 30packs of milk:

Zahra and Hamza new brother- Hayyan Nujaid @ 10days:



2 ulasan:

  1. wahh..bleh buat niaga eskrem malaysia ni, muehehe! baru je nk suggest bg kat baby org lain. alhamdulillah..kan dah jadi ibu susuan :)

    try le kak buat cheese. pernah terbaca dulu kat 1 blog pro.chef ni, dia buat cheese dr susu isteri dia :D

  2. Lynn, memang lama terfikir nak derma tapi tak de sumber. last-last ada plak ofismate yg willing to give his son my breastmilk. so, pucuk dicita, ulam mendatang :D.. Nak buat masak pon ok, takut Mat la tak lalu nak makan.. hahahha