Jumaat, 8 Oktober 2010

Little bit on this and that..

Hello October, missing me? Heheheh...

I am quite busy settling all the pending orders (Ros baju kurungs, Nieda baju kurungs, Yuen Fuen jubahs and pajamas for Didi sons - one at a time, however.. ;)). I know I am doing this in a very slow pace but I am so eagerly to finish them all as I wanted to begin my own project - my own handmade product. No, its not garment but its something that I've already done previously and thanks to the customer who later introduce me to her friends and the networking spread well, now I can say that I am quite swarm with such orders but have to admit that I enjoy working on it.

Before I start to announce on my new project cum business (if it can be called one.. hehehe..) I would like to thank to my lovely customers, who tag me with their picture wearing my handmade bajus. Appreciate it very much guys :D

1) Kak Arin lovely daughters from www.lemprica.com

2) Didi son (www.sotodanwajik.com)

3) Sab daughter's- special customer all the way from Singapore

4) Hana (http://littlesunshinecloset.blogspot.com/)

Thanks once again for the picture guys and also for liking my creation.

I received few emails from you guys asking me why I decided to not taking any order. Well, its an honor when you like my creation especially the baju kurung, and not that I am quiting or what, I just wanting to concentrate on the prospect business (hehehehe) and if I'm successfully able to manage the time, insyaAllah I will be happily to open back my service in jahit baju for you guys.

And last but not least, even I am quite busy (chewah..), this is what I sew for the house for this week.

A curtain made from leftover fabrics (given by my mom):

- I am so lazy to fill up the thread in the bobbin for the speedy s/m, thus I just sewn using the domestic sewing machine and I am so surprise that this sewing machine is Slow! Hahah..

and a giant pillow cover.

This simple project is so satisfying.

Oh ya, before I forget, again I rearrange the studio. Changing back to the previous room as the former room will be upgrading to becoming guest room. All I can say is the whole kemas-kemas thing is Penat.. hehehe.. But I like the new view.. :)

Ok, that's all. Will write again if time permit. Enjoy weekend guys!


3 ulasan:

  1. kesian dia penat, cik abe tak tolong ke? :D

  2. i hope i can hv a studio like yours..maybe one fine day

  3. Lynn, tak pe akak buat sorang.. ekeke..
    Marie, insyaAllah. the looks is not that important, but what comes out from the studio is the main thing, rite?