Isnin, 29 November 2010

Be Fair to your customers

Fair as in Malay is adil. Comes from arabic word which means 'meletakkan sesuatu itu ditempatnya': - putting things in its correct place.


The situation is: you're selling belts. Your own handmade belts. And since you wanted to be creative, you took the picture of you're belts in different kind of way. Like putting it on your head, at wrist and at the ankle. Well, in my humble opinion, you'll get an A for the picture creativity, but as a potential customer, I want to see the item with it correct function. A belt should be worn on the waist, not on the head.

Would you wanna buy this belt? :)

So here, the most important thing to sell your items in the net is the picture of the item itself. If you're selling dress, its good to hang the dress and take the whole picture of the dress, instead of putting it in the floor or taking half view of it. As a 'hardcore' online customer myself, I wanted to see the item in real picture before starting to make purchase. Even your camera is just a simple point and shoot (not dslr) you still can sell if you show the items correctly.

So if you're selling online, please be fair to your customers when showing your items for sale. Or they'll just pass.

Little note (reminder for myself as well): Customers is no haters. They complaint because they care. Take everything positively.



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  1. Thanks for the info Neeza. I'd like to add, besides a good and clear picture,in my opinion a clear description of the item is also important. i.e what is the belt made of, how to clean it, length/width of the belt, etc.

  2. Hye there.. just follow n linked you.. I must say that info realy helpful esp fr a new beginner like me trying to make a better world selling my handmade dress n stuff.. salam kenal Neeza.. I love all your work.. thanks for the info...

  3. Sue, yup, what you said is very true. Product description is a compulsory, no compromise.
    NiNi, hi, salam kenal. I went to your blog and am impress too. :)