Selasa, 2 November 2010

Its that time of the season.. again..


That's explain the long hiatus.

I've been very busy settling some orders making baju kurungs and jubahs. Yup, I did mentioned previously that I am not going to take any order but however I decided to open back my service as I received few email asking me to and since I am no longer swarm with orders, I accepted a few. So basically, it can be said that I am back on service, to sew you baju(s). Email me for further info.

And one of the order that I received is to sew Baju Kurung Pahang (pesak gantung). Since this is the first time, I love to admit that Wow! sewing baju kurung Pahang is way easier that the normal baju kurung pesak. Serious! I fall in love to sewing the baju almost immediately. Sangat-sangat senang.. Simple pesak (no complicated godets) and simple sarong (no kipas just a single wide fold).

And since the customer size is quite similar to me, I put myself in the baju and it does look nicer. Maybe I can make one for me for this Raya Hajj.

And before I forget, I introduced new items in my store: still crayon roll but mini version, targeting on those interested to order in bulk. More info, you can read it here.

OK, will updating again when the time permit. You guys, have a nice day ahead!


3 ulasan:

  1. salam =)

    ye ke pesak gantung lagi senang dari yang ada kekek tu?i baru nak belajar buat baju kurung =) is it lagi senang nak potong ke lagi senang nak jahit?or both?

  2. sgt tempting utk cuba buat bj kurung pahang utk raya haji..akak ni tau, memang mempengaruhi org..haha!

  3. salam elephantz,
    hihihi, comel nama ni. for me, both mmg senang. i've been jahit normal kurung for quite sometimes, dan part kekek (godets) tu mmg mencabarla, kena jahit elok2 supaya tak terbetas. but this kurung pahang, dia tak de godets, dia just two pieces kain lapik bersama, so mmg senang. nak potong mudah, jahit pon mudah.part kainnya lagi senang, tak de nak berkipas-kipas. sy sukalah!!! hehehe..
    buatla satu untuk diri sendiri. mmg senang la.. akak suka!!!