Jumaat, 26 November 2010

Make your own hijab inner (project refashion)

OK. I have to admit that I really love my Tudung syria and its style and its been nearly a month that I'm hanging out with my family not wearing my black bawal. She must be very sad sitting nicely in the closet. Hahah..

Since I am absolute in love with the Tudung Syria, I went to the tudung store, wanted to buy more and more but was a bit disappointed as the one that offers in the shop mostly is knit-lycra type of fabric, which if I wear one, the fabric will stick to my head and makes me looks like wearing hijab for swimming-purposes. Hahaha.. in the other words, it looks ugly on me.. The best for me (suit with my face) is those made by knit cotton fabric. The shop that I went only offer tudung awning with such fabric. And I just grabbed one with a slight project lingered in my head.

So, what I did to the tudung awning was ripped open the awning, and as for the inner, I made one using the old unused t-shirt.

I was so busy ripping off the awning, so sorry no picture was shoot and only remembered to take pictures step by step on how to make the inner. So here it is:

1. This is the old good looking t-shirt.

2. First fold the shirt in to half, put it on your head to estimate the size.

3. Fold again,, and cut it in half oval shape.

4. This is how it looks like after cut.

5. Sew the seam. One thing I like about knit cotton fabric is that it doesn't frill. So, you can just use straight stitch, without the need to serge.

6. Join the end of the inner with elastic.

7. And you're done.

This is how you will looks wearing one (the inner).

And this is us camwhoring while I'm wearing the knit cotton-tudung awning-transformed-to-tudung Syria with the above inner.

I look cute, yes? Hihihi..

Ok, now its your turn to make one. Happy trying. :D

7 ulasan:

  1. salam,

    mmg kiut ah! ^^ sesuai ngan akak.

    very easy ye nak buat..tp sy tak mau la, sure mcm doraemon kalu sy yg pakai. hahaha!

  2. looking good Neeza!! thanks for sharing the how to.. senang kan pakai tudung mcm nie..

  3. lynn, belum cuba blum tau.. ntah2 cantik sangat..
    sue, memang senang. suka sgt such tudung :)

  4. saya pun baru jer belajar pakai tudung ni.. :D

    saya mcm pernah nmpk la cik neeza kat parcel E.. hehe

  5. Mama Daniel, hihihi.. lama punyer cerita parcel E tu.. hampir 2 taun yg lepas. but muka saya mmg agak bersepah kat anjung tu dulu. tempat fav lunchour tu. ekekek..

  6. assalaam waliekum. that looks great. Masha'allah.

  7. Gail, Walaikumsalam.. thanks :)