Sabtu, 13 November 2010

The portfolio

I like the idea of social networking. To be precise I like the the Facebook and Twitter. They such a user-friendly platform for me to promote my work. It is much easier to upload pictures in FB and as in Twitter I can update my status while in mobile. Most of what I've sewn is in the portfolio in the FB fanpage. You can check them here. I did mentioned previously that I'm going to upload everything that I sewn either for me or for the dearest customers here in the blog, but later realize that most of the thing that I sewn is Baju Kurung(s) so if I happen to stumble everything here, its going to be a very mundane blog, I guess.

But anyway, these are my most recent things I sewn for fellow customer. Same as mine (the one that I made for my kids) but with major modification: these pajamas using tie instead of snap buttons.

One unique thing about handmade is that even you're making 10 of the same thing, one would be different from another. Its because handmade item comes from heart and it reflex our feeling (during the time we're doing it). Thus, if I am not in the mood to sew, I am strictly avoiding me self from doing so.

If you LIKE my creations, visit my FB page here, and this is the link for my Twitter update. Fell free to add me :D

Have a luvly weekend, everybody...

3 ulasan:

  1. errr.. confuse la neeza..
    ingatkan dulu ada baca dah stop amik tempahan.. akan jual this your own stuff je.. err.. so sekarnag amik ke tak amik actually ek? heheh
    (tanya ada makna)

  2. Blogger iki dirhem bi çekirdek,
    teşekkür ederim, sağol . Seni sev ;)
    Zura, amik dah la, dah mention ari tu.. ekekekek.. sebab dah tak swarm with orders dah.. heheheh.. (apakah makna pertanyaan itu? *wink.. wink*)