Rabu, 24 November 2010

To sum it all..

Suddenly I realized that I am not a good blogger. Leaving this space unattended for days and this time around, for more than a week. Well, being a blogger is not even in my ambition list. Hahaha..
I have a lot to tell. So, spare me some of your time as this would be quite a long post..


Eid Adha

Finally after 4 years, I'm back to celebrate the raya at my parent as Hubby is not around. Yeay!
However, the trip back to Ipoh is not as smooth as usual. Yup, its only me alone to battle with the kids: a prescholar and an infant. Zahra however is manageable, she will sleep the whole way back to Ipoh, but Hamza have difficulties to sleep in the car. Yup, we realized this on our way back to Terengganu the other day, where he slept less than 2hours of the 6hours journey. And he being restless for the rest of 4hours. So, in this battle, where I am alone, to drive and to look after him (crazy is my middle name btw), we have to stop like more than 4times: just to calm him.

Mobile me and the kids..

So, what special in celebrating raya Haji in Ipoh? The delicacies made by my mom: Laksa Sarawak. Uhh, how I miss this very much and its such a reward, worth the traveling. Heheheh..
I lost count how many bowl I have this:

On Saturday, we drop by SnuggBaby's crib to see Liza's newborn, baby Salih. Here's picture Zahra playing Afya.

We spent five days in Ipoh and going back from Ipoh to Putrajaya is a smooth journey as the kids all slept like a log makes me constantly drove at 120kmph.. hahah..

Ohya, Hamza managed to turn his back by himself for the first time here in Ipoh, witnessed by me and my mom. Good job Hamza! And note to myself, I can no longer left my boy on the bed by himself, or else something not good will happen.


Outing with the kids

Staying home all days would be boring not only for me but for the kids as well. So, yesterday, we went to the Chinese Book Fair at the Mines. I don't read Chinese btw, however was hunting for the craft books that is so good (clear instruction on how to sew and free pattern not to forget) and darn cheaps. This is what I bought:

Later we went to buy the groceries at our favorite place Alamanda. And being single, you'll do anything (logically la..) to survive. Hamza was cooing for milk while we're in the middle of shopping and Carrefour is not breastfeeding friendly space. I don't want to leave my cart and run to the babyroom outside K4, so what I did is NIP. Thank you very much for babywearing as its easier for me to shop, and nurse, and nobody notice about that. Its discrete no joke. Yeay!

Camwhoring while Hamza having his snack:

Us. Notice my tudung. I love it very much. Pardon the comot looks, but easy for me to NIP.. (inspired by hana tajima, btw.. ahaks)

NIP: Nursing in public.. yo!


Fresh from the studio

I made this last night. For one of my customers, and I must say that I love this very much I feel like keeping it to myself. Hahahah.. The fabric, the pattern, uh.. love them to bits, and its a sad moment to sending the tops to the owner. I hope the owner love the baju as much as I do :)

Concealed zip yo..

The 'baju contoh':


The business

This is about the tailoring. Yup, its back on service. I'm happy to sew you baju kurung, tops, pajamas or anything that can be done in my small studio. Email me Neeza79.at.yahoo.com for details.

And for my customers, I really appreciate each and everyone of you. Especially most of you are soo professional in dealing with this novice and slow me. I went to a bakery shop the other day and they have this tagline:
'Kalau sedap, bagitau kengkawan. Kalau tak sedap, bagitau kami. '-
' If it is good, tell the others. If it is bad, tell us.'.
Well, I love to adopt the same tagline as well. So guys, if you think my work is good, feel free to tell your friends and if its bad, tell me. It helps to improve my work. :)

I must admit that I am not good in estimated people size. I love sewing for those who have the same size as mine, and worry much when sewing for petite or plus size people. Selalu ada sangsi "Eh betul ke saiz ni keciknya/besarnya?" .. Erm..


I miss

The camera obviously. Pictures taken with camera-phone is so not up to the standard. And of course, I also miss the man behind the camera too.. Hihihi

I know you miss us too.. Some pictures to cure the missing sickness.. hehehe:


OK, thats all. Thanks for reading guys. Love you all very much. Have a nice day ahead!


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  1. salam neeza.. u r so talented. macam2 bole buat. like ur artwork

  2. salam kak neeza, i have been reading u for quite some time and totally in love with ur crafting project! if u don't mind, i would like to request some tips from u regarding online tailoring.

    i'm planning to take orders for custom made skirt as my side income, but don't know how to price my item. im scared that people might feel that i'm charging too much for my service and will discourage my interested buyer from placing their orders, yet i'm afraid that i will undervalue my items :(

    btw, may i know if whether u bought the fabrics on ur own, or the customer post their fabric to be tailored?

    i will definitely appreciate ur feedback sis. thanks in advanced! :)

  3. Salam Mila, thanks for drop by and thanks for the compliment as well :)
    Salam ween, checkout my latest entry.. hehehehe

  4. i love tht baju putih. nnt la, pas kak arin bersalin, siap ko neeza ( ecehhh..) ..hehehe..

  5. salam neeza, i'm sure i'll love the tops walaupun belum sampai ke tgn lagi hehe..tak sabar nak tgk ni:))
    btw, i'm already spread the words telling my friend that you're very talented tailor/crafter.
    sgt bangga tunjuk bajuku kat kawan2 satu ofis hehehe.
    ready ye neeza nanti nak tempah lagi :)

  6. Kak Arin, iA bole.. *ngee*. I love come back customer. hehehe..
    Akmal, hehehe.. tgk la yg tu dulu ok ke tak? kalo tak suka, bak sini, sy nk beli la dr awak.. ekekeke...

  7. baju putih tu mmg all-out fabulous! ^^ congrats on ur great-imitation :) look even better :)))

    'kipas' habis dah ni, ahaks!

    yes, returning customers mmg rock!! love them too :D

  8. salam neeza, kalau i nak tempah blouse camni gak ngan u bleh ke?

  9. Asma, email me : neeza79 at yahoo dot com.
    Thanks :)