Isnin, 6 Disember 2010

Joining the club..

For the Sew & Share Crafty Swap activity organized by Zura.

Can't wait to know who will be my lucky swapper.. hehehehe..

Guys (Malaysian) fell free to join the activity as it is so simple: just sew anything and post it to your lucky reserver. For details, feel free to have a peek on Zura's blog.



4 ulasan:

  1. hi neeza! have you checked who's your lucky swapper? i guess im the lucky one hehe ;)

  2. hi syaf, :) i check out ur blog.. still blur in what to do for you.. any idea? heheheh...

  3. err anything will do hehe.. simple2 aje.. i'm not a fussy swap partner so dun worry hehe.. mm hphone case ke pun okay :)