Jumaat, 31 Disember 2010

NeezaNeedles new products - Mei Tai

This is my remarkable post to end my 2010.. gagagaga
-- End it with style, bebeh (shake ur bumbum).. Hihihi..


I love babywearing. Yes, been saying it over and over again. And right now I am totally in love with my meitai. Easy to wear, comfortable, and can discreetly nurse in public, yo! :D

Due to my ultimate crush towards meitai, I strongly believe that I can spread the love, meitai-love to be exact. It such a good thing, great invention and it's good to share the with mothers out there and therefore, I introduced my new product: NeezaNeedles Mei-Tai. Sewn with lots of love with such an affordable price. Yes you heard it right. Its in good quality and affordable. :)

A. NN:mt Blackflora

Status: SOLD

B. NN:mt Aeroplane

Status: Sold

Product description details:
Shoulder strap length 93″
Shoulder strap width 4″
Waist strap length 84″
Waist strap width 3 1/2″
Body height 16″ (excluding waist strap)
body width 15 1/2″

Price : RM110 (include shipping)




6 ulasan:

  1. salam neeza. cantik la aeroplane tu.. u tak ckp pun ade kain baru utk meitai.. been waiting for your email tau. so I nak book yg nie boleh? or dah ade org beli?

  2. ala mei tai yg pertama tu cantik..hhuhu..dah sold dah..

  3. maria. more to come, insyaAllah :)

  4. Assalamualaikum saya dari Singapura. I am very interested in your onbuhimo :D very nice!! I was wondering what;s the difference between meitai and buckle tai is it all the same? just different names? I am interested to purchase one from you just a simple plain colour is it possible? do get back to me k... thanks :)


  5. Walaikumsalam Anna,
    Can you we communicate via eml? This is my eml address: neezaneedles@gmail.com

    Hope to hear from you again :)