Ahad, 12 Disember 2010

No more bad hair day

This is him. During his bad hair day.

Hihihi.. cute, no?

His hair is so thick and I know he is kinda irritated with his own hair. So, we decided to chop chop his hair.




Blur but calm..


Surprise.. surprise..

Hahahah.. hopefully I'm still handsome..

Little update on Hamza:
1. Celebrated 6m young last 6Dis
2. Can turn around and crawl to front
3. Still in breastmilk diet, ummi too lazy to prepare food (hahah)


7 ulasan:

  1. alololo...kiut aje walo rambut dah nipis :D

    lidah diaaa!!! ^^"

  2. Comei, same age with my baby, but she is 5 mth old tomorrow. She can hold things firm, turn on her tummy, hold her head up strong, likes her bath time very much, ahh...can't wait to see her crawl, nanti dah boleh crawl, jenuh pula nak ngikat kaki dia :)
    BTW, your baby is soooo adorable!

  3. senangnyer potong rambut.. kalau anak saya, melalak mcm kena dera.. huhu..sekampung bleh dgr..
    cantik la rambut Hamza.. the barber memang very talented.. hehe.. :)

  4. salam...blogwalking sampai duduk cno..letih..
    comey nye hamza.... geram bile die senyum...btw... following u..kawan?

  5. comeyyyynyerrrr. geram nak cubit pipi dia.

  6. Hamza cakap (mumbling in his own language):

    Thank you aunties.. ngeeeee (sambil jelir lidah main saliva...)