Ahad, 5 Disember 2010

Very simple (and easy to make) zipper pencil case

OK, while making the pencil cases for donation, I made a step by step tutorial on how to make one. At first I want to make video tutorial, but the background was in big mess it is so disturbing, so I passed. Maybe later with some other project I'll make a simple video tutorial (don't know when, though.. hehehe). But anyway, back to the tutorial, this is what you need:

A zipper (I am using 8inch size),
2 piece of fabrics (A and B) in the same size (here is 8 x 5.5 inch) and,
another small piece of the same fabric (C) sizing 8 x 2 inch.

1) Fold a bit of the seam of fabric A and C, and iron it to fix the seam.

2) Sew the fabric to the zipper

3) You'll have this look after both fabric A and C sewn to the zipper.

4) Sew the end of the zipper. This is to make sure that the zipper trail is in balance (so that the zipper-teeth will not mismatch). Here, I sewn it with my label.

5) Then, with the right side is inside (and the wrong side is outside), pair the fabric A+C with B. Carefully sew the margin,

6) and lastly neat the end seam with serge.

7) Overturn it and you have made a pencil case.

8) You can use different size of zipper to variate the look of your pencil case.

Now, you know how to make it, go and find a zipper and some fabrics and make one. Make more so that you can donate it to the Back-to-School charity project as well. Happy trying :)

7 ulasan:

  1. senang ye? insyaallah..tp utk 1st trial, nak salvage zipper kain bj kurung lama..hehe..dan kainnya sekali ^^ kot la tak jadi ke apa..

  2. Haha.. KaK Lynn..good idea.. byk baju kurung lama yang boleh dikorbankan utk 1st attempt..
    Cik Neeza.. nice tutorial.. tq for sharing.. :)

  3. lynn, mama daniel,
    InsyaAllah senang. tapi kalo was-was bole try an error but I bet kalo buat yg betul terus pon sure jadik.. selamat mencuba :)

  4. salam neeza... I follow u..
    cantik ler pencil box ni... takyah nak ada lining pon ok kan... jahit tepi je belah dlm nya

  5. yup mila, very simple. tak lining pon ok, sbb kemas dh kat dalam tu.. :)

  6. hi mama rayyan, cuba jgn tak cuba :)