Rabu, 15 Disember 2010

Vintage tricycle

Flipping tru our (hubby and I) old pictures, I found a picture that we have in common - playing with tricycle.

This is hubby with her sis (my sil, of course):

And this is me and my sis. Pardon the look (hehehe...). We tried to be as creative as we can by turning the tricycle upside down.

Recently, we went back kampong, and I was amazed to bump into the same but new tricycle owned by the kids' cousin. Since the tricycle is quite rare nowadays, I took some photos of my kids with the tricycle.

So that, down the memory lane, the kids can show the same picture (like me and hubs) in the tricycle to my grandchildrens. InsyaAllah..

Now I miss kampung already..


4 ulasan:

  1. Awww.. precious gambar2 nih! simpan neeza, jgn x simpan.. hehehe..

  2. hehehe..berjodoh sejak kecil melalui basikal?? kiut..kiut..

  3. so cute. hehehhe. esp the passenger