Selasa, 4 Januari 2011

A bunch of thanks

I must say that as for today, I love the brand new year. Good start with lots of good news and I hope it will stay till the end of the year (and continue to the next year, and another next year, on and on - as usual, me being greedy.. huhuhuh)

Well, thanks to you, the first batch of my meitais are all sold out. Terima kasih banyak-banyak :D. InsyaAllah, new batch will come soon. Just watch out this space or my FB fanpage for new meitais update.

And I forget to mention that the meitai came with a matching drawstring bag to keep them in place.
And the price still the same : all in all it is still RM110.

NN-mt Blackflora

NN-mt Aeroplane

OK, thats all for an update. Thanks again for your support even by only reading this blog. Love you guys a lots!


2 ulasan:

  1. congrats Neeza on the launch of your new item.. i saw the tutorial.. wow!! (i x penah baby carry nie) now nak carry dah nak sama panjang.. hehehe

    your boy seems contented and happy to be so close to his mommy.. cute!! :D

  2. Thanks Sue. I like carry my baby and carriers out ther is kinda expensive. so this is my way on spreading the benefit of babywearing by offering good but affordable carriers. :)