Sabtu, 1 Januari 2011

Happy 2011

Its 1111 today. Happy new good looking year to all :)

To begin the new chapter, here, I uploaded a video tutorial on how to wear the NN-mt (NeezaNeedles-Meitai).

I've been trying to upload this video since yesterday (that is why I mentioned that I am going to leave 2010 with style) but couldn't get the right 'free' software to convert the original video format (m2ts) to wma (some only free upload up to a minute, some does not have audio and later I settled with this software that have their watermark on the video itself). Hahaha.. I am such a big failure when it comes to the technology thingies.

So, lets enter 2011 with style and please ignore the videomark.

Simple tutorial on how to wear the NN-mt.



3 ulasan:

  1. neeza, brape erk u jual carrier ni? bleh bg link option color x? stu g, baby newborn leh guna x?