Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paper clips wonder

One of my must use sewing notion when sewing the baju kurung is the paper clips. I used a lots of them.

for what? To secure the seam before hand-stitches. Because sometimes, even you have ironed the seam, the line can still gone easily, especially for silk, crepe, chiffon, -like fabrics.



  1. great idea! i usually used pins, but this one looks better :)

  2. good info neeza.. bole try nanti

  3. tak terfikir pun nak guna clip..good idea ni..ayah sy guna stapler utk claim kaki seluar dia yg tetas..sadis tgk..mak dh tak bole buat lagi..huhu

  4. thanks guys.. :).. idea ni pon dapat secara tak sengaja. i brought to kmpg some baju kurungs to jahit sembat, but didnt bring any pins. korek-korek laci jumpa paper clips jer.. till now paper clips trus jadik kawan baik for jahit sembat.. hihih