Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pick of the week #2

Face masks.

A very simple things to do. Made from scraps.

I know H1N1 is no longer a threat (since we've discovered the antidote) but this face masks still do wonder especially if you wanna clean your house and have an allergen towards dust. Good for you and friendly to the environment.



  1. wow! i'm alergic to dust too, should try making this in one fine day :)

  2. bagus la idea ni neeza..saya pun alergik juga kat habuk..kena buat jugak lepas ni!he2..

  3. ween, lia,
    mmg useful facemask ni. buatla. kejap jepon, tak amik masa yg lama nak siapkan satu tu.. selamat mencuba :)

  4. love the blue pokka dots fabric