Ahad, 23 Januari 2011

Pick of the week #3

Muncher pouch.

I guess people out there would wonder what is a muncher pouch. Its actually a very simple small pouch made with gauze fabric in purpose as fruit muncher for baby.

So, how to use it? Wash clean the little small pouch, put in the fruit,

and you're ready to serve it to your baby.

By using the pouch, incident of fruit shocking can be prevent, however, you still need to monitor your kid, ok.

Protip: To teach your kid to like eating vegetable start from they're young. Instead giving them the toy teether, give them hard vegetable like celery and cucumber for them to chew.

Hamza munching cucumber:


5 ulasan:

  1. I have never heard of this before.. what an interesting idea.. and Hamza looks contented munching away on his fruit and cucumber.. sooo cute..!!!

  2. wah hebatnya. mana nk bli kain sarung ni??

  3. Sue, I read somewhere about giving vege to ur child to substitute the toy teether. Brilliant isn't, it?

    Arna, kain gauze je tu.. kain balut luka, kat farmasi bnyk jual. lepas 2,3x pakai bole buang terus. heheh..

  4. fruit muncher tak terlerai? hm..bagus utk asingkan biji2 tembikai or limau yg tersembunyi..

    thanks for sharing kak!