Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another break

I guess I've been working too hard till the needle plate broke.

Thus, will having another little break till I manage to get replacement.

And one tips that I learn tonite is if you sew something very thick, unscrew the plate so that it is not too tight.


  1. omg... tq for ur tips, never thought it could happen,it just shows that i didn't sew hard enough.. have a break, ur silent reader... :)

  2. alamak..sampai patah! :(
    keje kuat sgt la kak..hihi!
    yes, do have a break ^^

  3. faizlily, ye, mcm tak percaya je bole patah kan. cina kedai pon terkejut.. hahaha
    lynn, jahit mt tebal sgt.. tu yg patah tu.. hehehe