Rabu, 9 Februari 2011

Make pants less than 30 minutes

I was busy sorting fabrics when suddenly Zahra came and asked 'Umi jahit baju orang?', I asked her back why and she showed me the Kitty Cat Fabric and said, 'Zahra nak baju ni..'. Since the fabric is a bit hard, I foresee that it's not suitable to make a dress or a top, so I settled with a very simple pants. And since it is so simple, I managed to snap pictures on how to make one. So, heres a simple tutorial on how to make a simple pants:

1. You dont really need a pattern but what you need is another comfortable pants to become the sampler. Put the sampler on the fabric and cut according to the figure, but remember to extend at about two inch on the top (to be folded to put in the elastic) and half inch at the bottom (to be folded too to make a neat hems). The butt area must also be a bit bigger than the sampler as it will soon be shrank after the elastic was put in.

This is how it looks like after cutting.

2. Serge the hems.

3. Then, sew the seams (joining the both fabric together).

4. This is how it looks like after the upper seams has been sewed.

5. Then again sew the lower part of the seams.

6. Then fold the upper part in two and sew them together leaving a small area unsew so that you can slot in the elastic.

7. Slot in the elastic.

8. Sew them up, so that it looks neat.

9. Sew the leg,

10. And you're done :)

Easy isn't it?

Zahra (a little bit cranky over there.. hehehe) with her new pants:

Now you try..



5 ulasan:

  1. thanks neeza!
    senangnya... bila tgk tutorial ni terus rasa skrg jugak nak buat pants! hehehe..

  2. pilihan yg tepat.. cantik sgt fabric tuh...

  3. Ira, welcome.. senangkan.. hehehe.. selamat mencuba :)
    Mila, mmg dh lama dh dia aim kain tu.. asik tanya pasal kain tu jer.. hahahah

  4. Salam Neeza...Shima dah try jahit seluar..Alhamdulillah siap gak.. Thanks sangat2...nanti try jahit baju kurung pulak...mintak izin ek...Biar berkat ilmu yg Shima nak belajar ni...Memang akan sentiasa jenguk blog Neeza ni nanti...

  5. this is so cute and sweet.