Khamis, 3 Februari 2011

Soon ended

No.. not the giveaway. The giveaway still on till 15Feb.. :)

What I mean is my honey-moony-post-delivery work leave.

I did told you previously that my leave was a year, that's up till August 2011. But, I managed to get transferred to new workplace (no, not promotion but I applied for workplace exchange) and they approved the application and now I am going back to work- starting this month I supposed. And of course with the very late noticed I postponed my new workplace enrollment to, ya, next month.

And with this berserk situation, I am no longer be able to accept any order from you guys. Sorry for the very late notice. Hope you'll understand.

As for my new workplace, I have this strange mix feeling. I am very much excited, I cant deny that. I cant wait to start from A, to learn from the very beginning, to experience the new challenge but at the same time it is very much disturbing thinking I have to leave my kids to other people. I know this is one of their growing up learning processes. I hope they cope well, so do I (coping well in new work place).

And for Jabatan Patologi, Hospital Serdang, you shall be missed (yeah, right.. *wink*) (1 March 2009 - 2 February 2011).



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  1. Asm Niza,

    Love yr blog...

    Thanks for the link to the 3 blogs...
    totally agree with what you've said "personal blog that full of drama on what to cook yesterday, today and tomorrow.." I feel for you friend.

  2. Salam silverline,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope u enjoy ur stay here :)