Sunday, March 6, 2011

9 months and his new skill

Making faces:

(excuse my excited loud voice.. ngeee..)

Hehehe.. Apart from that, he knows when people call his name, crawl super fast, can stand on his own (I have to record this later), and now have two little lower teeth coming out (huhuh..).

Happy 9th month baby :)


  1. haha lajunya kakak ckp :D ur baby is sooo cute!

  2. He is so adorable...mine is going to be 8 month on the 14th. Ala, tak sabar nak tunggu dia leh duduk :)

    But, awat yg potong rambut, last time comei sikit ada rambut tu :P

  3. tomeiiii....Adeq Kaseh dah ada 2 gigi....boleh geng le ni

  4. ween said... haha lajunya kakak ckp

    kita adik beradik mmg cakap laju ke ape? hmmm dh byk org complain sya ckp laju sgt -__-"

    hamza comels. sila simpan rambut die. botak tak comel sgt

  5. Guys, heheehee.. thanks for viewing the vid :))

  6. same progress dgn Ummar laa.. (born on 4th June 2010).. except dia dah tumbuh gigi 6 btg.. :P sooo cute!!

  7. Liza, Umar adalah abg Hamza by 2days. Hamza was born on 6th June..