Rabu, 9 Mac 2011

Got tick by a tick

Ok, the supposed title was got bitten by a tick, but since that one sound rhymes so I chose that over that. Whateva.. hehehe..

It happen last night. Zahra been bite with a tick or in malay we call it kutu babi. She just came back from her cousin's house (which actually just a few steps from my PIL house) and we're about to hit the sack when she showed me something just below her eyes. At first I tot she's been playing with stick/sand and the dust trapped there but when I tried to get rid off the thing, suddenly she started to cry and later screamed her lung out. And the more she moved, the difficult to take that particular thing off. I later learnt that that must be a blood sulking parasite which at first I thought it is mite (hama in malay).

Tick sticking on the skin below her eye

Since it is very hard to pull off, along with a little soap opera, I gave up and we headed to the bed. FIL said it's ok to wait till tomorrow and go to the clinic let the Doctor do the rest. She slept as soon as she put her head on the pillow, and I started to tweet and to call some helpful friends and texting hubby for SOS. I googled but nothing came out maybe because I used the wrong term: mite instead of tick. A friend later suggest to use lice (kutu rambut in malay) as keyword but still no right solution via googling.

I then somehow remembered that if we want to pull something off from skin (ie. hair) using tweezer is much more easier and since I am not in my own crib, I settled with nailclppper instead. I know it's quite dangerous but having to see the tick attached to the skin near her eyes is soo disturbing I don't have patient to wait till the next day to see the Doctor. And since she's sleeping I just put the clipper on that thing and snap and Alhamdulillah, the parasite went off together with a bit of her eye lashes. Hahahaha.. And later I went to sleep with a big relief :D

That darn tick!

And I don't want to be biased, but they are to be blamed:
I know they're cute but I have a different point of view. :p


Sorry, no story about sewing for the time being. I am still working on the collaboration project, will reveal once done. Thank you for reading this anyway :)
Have a nice day ahead.

7 ulasan:

  1. hahaha kucing tu comei gilerrr tapinye

  2. The tick looks big, i don't think it's a cat tick. Pernah jumpa binatang ni huhu...besar!!! I think it is something else, probably from your garden or somewhere else, kutu kucing kecik aje and pipih, yg ni fat and round...

  3. Aku pon rasa bkn dari kucing. Kutu babi sgt kecik. Tapi sgt sakit okeh.dan takmo lepaskan gigitannya walopun dia kena kepit.

    sampai takleh tido dan menangis2 suruh kakaknya datang hantar pi klinik sbb time tu takde duit nk p klinik. Eh..pecah rahsia aku kena gigit kutu babi masa p camping...hahahaha

  4. anak lelaki saya pun pernah kena gigit kutu babi ni. kena kat bahagian tepi lubang telinga. ms tu gi cuti kat pangkor n my son ada redah semak samun. 2nd day lps balik cuti baru tahu something wrong sbb anak mengadu sakit telinga. tgk2 rupa mcm tahi lalat hidup, so saya syak benda lain sbb pernah kena gigit dgn binatang ni. guna tweezer utk tarik, kali ke 4 baru tercabut.pagi2 esoknya gi pkr kanak2, ada kes anak kwn suami mcm my son, kaki binatang ni tertinggal kat dlm telinga, infection dan kena blh telinga. wadus, kecut perut.alhamdulilah clear lps check.tips utk tanggalkan kutu babi ni, ambil minyak baby , tuangkan sedikit sahaja, tunggu sekejap spy binatang ni lemas n dia akan tertanggal sendiri. ini tips my paeds la. sakit woo kena gigit dek binatang nih. alhamdulillah anak neeza ok aje yer.my son siap jerit2 lagi masa sesi tarik tu.

  5. binatang ni kecik jer tp sakit kalau kena gigit. kalau kat kampung, kitorg guna kerengga(mcm semut tp besar, selalu ada kat pokok rambutan) utk tanggalkan. ambik sekor kerengga picitkan kat kutu babi ni.. mmg akan tanggal sendiri punya, so kaki kutu tuh tak deler melekat kat dlm kulit.
    masa kecik2 dulu pernah jugak masuk kat telinga, almaklum, aku budak kampung hahaha.

  6. Mai, comei mmg comei tapi awas (gerak langkah mu bebeh).. hihihi
    Liza, tula org ckp pirah ayam kot. tak pasti dia main kat mana, all i see is dia dok cuddle2 kucing tu..
    ena, zana, mila,
    eh, berdrama jugak nk kuarkan mende tu. i dok provoke nnt ulat masuk mata beranak dlm tu. dia nk kuarkan tapi melalak melolong. sakit kot. tak tau plak sakit ke tak sbb mak dia ni pon tak penah kena ni. hehehe...

  7. argh..tekanan jiwe tkg menda mcm ni..boleh imejin sakitnya (walau tak pernah kena)..kesian tgk mata basah bekas ayaq mata :(