Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

Pillow case

By far, this is the most easiest project I ever done with sewing machine. In fact, my first encounter with sewing machine was learnt to sew pillow case when I was ten. I have this 'bantal busuk' and my mom said that if I want to keep that pillow, the cover need to be changed and she then thought me how to make one.

Since recently I made few pillow cases for a dear friend, I took that opportunity to make a tutorial. So, for those who wanted to learn to sew you can use this tutorial as your first ever sewing project.

OK, ready.. Let's start together:

1) Measure the size of the pillow. Here, I am using the small pillow at the size of 13 x 9 inch.

2) Cut the fabric by making an extra of an inch. So, you will have A part sized 14 x 10 inch, B part sized 10 x 10 inch and C part sized 5 x 10 inch. B and C part is the back of the pillow cases where you'll have an opening to insert the pillow.

3) Fold 1/4 inch at the side of the B and C part and sew the hem.

4) Once done, match all the fabrics with the right side is inside and the wrong side is outside. Make sure to put the B part underneath the C part.

5) Seal with pins so that the fabric stayed.

6) Sew the margin.

7) Once done, neat it up by sergered the hem.

8) Overturn it, and you've done.

9) The back of the pillow case:

10) Pillow and the new pillow case.

Ok, that's all. Happy trying. :)


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  1. Hi, I added your blog into my blog list :)

  2. suka ler dengan corak panda tuh.. chumel sgt.

  3. LIza, Mila, Cath,
    Mmg comel fabby tu. Sy beli from MsCraftShoppe. :)
    Hi there, salam kenal :D

  4. Interesting! I really enjoyed this post..
    Thanks for sharing this post..