Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing paparazzi

Kinda slow here, as I am just beginning to learn how to use the camera via manual mode (instead of snapping pictures via automatic mode like I normally did).

These are the tutorials that I referred to while learning the basic skill on how to capture pictures with different setting of aperture and shutter speed.

They wrote it very clear. However, I'm getting confuser so I sticked to the automatic mode. Heehehe...


  1. hahaha..tang kompius yg tak tahan tu ^^

    kalau suami sy bercerita pasal dslr dia, sy senyum je sambil angguk2. thennn..kalu dia tanya balik, sy kata je "ntah, tak paham papa ckp apa td". mesti tension dia ngan isteri dia..

    lg satu kan kak, boleh ke kita beli secara online foot utk singer? mesin portable. sy perlukan walking foot..sanggup membunuh utk dptkannya. hehe..tak la..

  2. Lynn, ttg walking foot tu ce try LSN website. Diorg ada jual online. Ni website depa:

    HTH :)