Ahad, 6 Mac 2011

Tailor mannequin aka dressform

Where to buy?
Where can I get it?
How much is one?

Here is some info for you:

1) Can buy online tru this shops:
Dios Astana Bridal
The Mannequin Shop
Mudah.my (simply search for mannequin)

2) If you have a lot of free time and doesn't mind to be part of the crowd, you can make a trip to Jalan Kenanga, off Jalan Pudu to get one too.

Ok. I hope this help. :)

Have a beautiful Sunday, peep..


4 ulasan:

  1. Hey thanks! I've been trying to looks for online local store for this. This definitely helps.

  2. Daisy, welcome :). No probs :)

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  4. hi neeza, i nak tau, berapa ye dress form u beli kt jln kenanga tu? mahai sampai rm300 x?