Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

How to install snap prong button using plier kit

I promised to make this tutorial - on how to install the snap prong button using plier right after I received the plier, months ago. Telling the truth, at first I was miserably failed on how to use the plier as the prong seems to skip out once I pressed the plier making the prong go senget and later cannot be used anymore. So, to safe the prongs and to faster done my work, I comfortably using the conventional method - hammering (tutorial here).

But a few days ago, in rushing to settle up an order, I have no choice but to depend on the plier as hammering will make loud noise and will wake Lil Hamza. So, I just trust my guts and tara, I managed to install the snap button without any prong go senget or bengkok.

So, here's the tutorial on how to install the snap prong button using Dritz plier:

Easy, isn't it? That left me with a Q 'whyla dulu rasa susah sangat nak pakai plier ni???'


2 ulasan:

  1. the one i bought rasa mcm susah saja nak guna...huhu :(

  2. Marie, the one you bought tu kena ketuk2 kan.. Beli la yg ni, senang betul.. heheheh ;)