Ahad, 8 Mei 2011

Introducing: NeezaNeedles Onbuhimo

OK, before that, let me quote what Onbuhimo is:

Onbuhimo from Japan
Onbuhimo Japanese baby carrier
A Japanese onbuhimo baby carrier has a smaller rectangle of fabric with padded ties angled out of the top corners and loops or rings on the bottom corners.
  • The ties go up over the mother’s shoulders,
  • down through the loops (which are under the baby’s legs),
  • each tie goes up over the mother’s breasts and through the opposite shoulder strap,
  • then they are tied in the middle over the upper chest.

This would be another Asian style baby carrier that will be coming out from my studio - The NeezaNeedles Onbuhimo.

*Shoulder padded strap length 1.5metre / 60inc
*Body panel 15inc wide, 19inc long up to waist
*Reversible without hood
*Ring used was small nylon rings from ringslings.com

Local Fabric - RM120
Designer imported Fabric - RM140
Body panel fabric included - RM100

Email me if you interested to make a custom :)


Btw, Happy Sunday and Happy Mothers Day ... Cheers :D


9 ulasan:

  1. Salam, neeza. Hi again :)

    Regarding the onbu, how to choose the fabric? Do you have a fabric gallery to choose from?

  2. Salaam Bib, Fabric selection can be chose from my FB fanpage NeezaNeedles. New fabrics is coming and will upload them asap. :)

  3. wah---sgt comey ^^
    tp anak2 ku dah tak mau berdukung :(

  4. Salam,
    Tamau buat travelling onbu ka? Teringin nak try.

  5. Very useful and easy storage baby carrier.... :)

  6. Lynn, thanks. the fabby is so cantik IMO..
    Aisyah, will make one.. tgu.. :)
    Diah, Thanks for dropping by my blog :).. Sifu ni.. :D.. yup, very useful.. kalo ada kawan2 yg nk promote la ye.. ekekeke ;)

  7. Lynn, thanks. kot nnt ada baby baru bole la cuba :)
    Aishah, will make one.. tgu.. :)

  8. Neeza, sesuai tak utk newborn..

  9. Hafizah, onbu utk baby 4 month and above yg dh bole spread their leg.. baby definately tak sesuai..