Jumaat, 20 Mei 2011


Ok, bunyi nya sangat la mengada, but that is the new link for the shop (instead of neezaneedles.blogspot.com).. Hahah.. mengadakan..

No, actually I dont really have intention to buy another domain but that email flyer from godaddy.com is so sooo tempting- 50% offer for some of the domain (like dot-biz, dot-info) and I said to myself with the currency so cheap now, ya, why not I just buy the dot biz. And there is it, the Neezaneedles.biz was born. As I said earlier, I will be focused on making the Asian-style baby carrier and I am sorry I can't accept any order for baju kurung not anymore. And yes, since that post (balancing the creative brain with the business brain ) I am now firm with my decision. I'm glad I came out that particular post, as till now I still got few emails, asking if I can tailor-made baju kurung / maternity dress, and I no longer hesitate to say NO.

And what do you know, Megan (the same author wrote about the Balancing the creative brain with the business brain) from www.craftmba.com suddenly came out with this article - On Gratitude and Selling your Soul, which now makes me wonder did she actually read my brain blog.. Hahahah..

I quote what she wrote which I think very true indeed:
What is it in your business that you need to stop doing? What do you need to say NO to in order to focus on the work that you really need to be doing? What is holding you back from doing the real work that gets you hot and makes you money?

I think we all hesitate to say no to things in our business because we are worried about missing something. We’re worried about depriving ourselves – of money, of opportunity, of having people like us. And as a result we fill our businesses and our time with a lot of junk that not only doesn’t move the business forward, it can literally suck the creativity and the life right out of your business. (And you.)

But what if, instead of worrying about what we were missing, we just stopped doing the things that weren’t important. By getting rid of the junk, we open up space in our business to focus on what is right. And that space and that rightness are what allow you to feel gratitude.

Gratitude is an overlooked but essential part of running your own businesses. Every day, you should feel grateful and blessed about the opportunity you have to run your own business and do what you’re passionate about. If you aren’t feeling the gratitude, it’s time to cut the junk from your business so you can.

Ok, berbalik kepada Neezaneedles.biz, the hosting is still blogger.com and I renovated a little bit of the website so that it looks more like a little shop omit the shopping cart. Well, seriously said, susah nya nak 'main' dengan those css coding! Thanks to you Mr Google who help me a lot on how to remove this and that. Go have a look, and lemme know what you think.. :D

And as for this blog, I rename it as Life with NeezaNeedles. Nak kasi tulis style sempoi skit so that 'lebih mesra pembaca'.. che wah.. No la, its just that now my kaki a bit sakit sebab 'berlari sambil pakai tumit tinggi..' Hehehehe..

Ok la, get to get back in that studio. Been procrastinated the whole day today, playing with css and whats not.

Have a nice day, readers :)


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  1. yess..agreed! focus pd 1 yg betul boleh jana pendapatan dan yg betul2 kita minat.

    tp sy minat mcm2..adui...

  2. Lynn, tak pe minat mcm2 but kalo nak dijadikan biz kenala fokus pada yg satu. Akak stil menjahit baju tuk diri sendiri dan anak2 but yg tu eklusif utk diri sendiri la, tak jual..

  3. Kak Neeza, camne dengan permohonan saya nak mintak berguru dengan akak ? :D Nak belajar jahit dengan akak...at least dptlah basic, baju kurung n blouse ke? (sbb sy x minat jahit, tapi saya nk blaja tuk diri sendiri)

    hehe ni sayalah~ aisya_wars@yahoo.com


    erm plan maybe tengah june...weekend. err...suka hati saya je kan tanya ni? hehe

    kak! teruskaN berusaha berbisnes. i'm impressed!

  4. Aisya, nnt akak reply eml ok :)