Khamis, 26 Mei 2011

Spareparts schizo pt2

I'm not crazy, after all.. Heheheh.. What I mean is by shopping spare-partSS the other day.

A week of sewing carriers (which by that I have made five carriers), the heavy duty feed dog goes bonkers (heavy duty la sangat kan).. and one whole lot of needles broke/bent.

Both new. One bengkok, thus cannot be used as the feed dog cannot move through.

Jarum patah jangan disimpan dalam peti. Jadi, cucuk di polystyrene.

Ok, thats all. I'm glad I made the decision to keep spares :)


1 ulasan:

  1. cute-jarum patah jgn disimpan di dlm peti,cucuk di polystrene.nnt mcm sy duluuu...tercucuk pd lutut,dah kene masuk OT.