Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Spareparts schizo

I wrote previously that due to over-sew thick fabric, the sewing machine needle plate broke, here. And I tweeted recently that the teeth of the sewing machine's dog feed gone missing after a very heavy hard work. Lucky me, not like the previous case, the machine still can be used to sew even the teeth gone missing.

As for the preventive action to avoid the same incident to happen, and besides that I have nothing else to do, I shop the spare parts via eBay (favorite shopping stere.. heheheh) and they've arrived today. Yeay..

I bought 3 sets of needle plate plus feed dog (2 sets of heavy duty and one for normal work), a bobbin case and 100 pieces sewing needles. Ya, one crazy woman I am. Hehehee.. The needles is very significant as in order to sew a carrier, I need basically at least two needles (this is if I am lucky if not, I might need more), either the needles will just simple break, crooked, or they just gone blunt and later will affect the stitches.

Ok, thats all for now. Happy weekend peeps :)


4 ulasan:

  1. mak oii..100 jarum?? hehe..totally understand you ^^

    kedai fav mana kat ebay kak? boleh share? hehe..

  2. Lynn, hehehhe.. Akak ni skang susah nk ke kedai, hubby outstation so kereta ada hujung minggu jer.. kena la ada bnyk spareparts kat rumah kot apa-apa hal mesin tu tak la gelabah.. ni link kedai kat eBay tu:

  3. hai..nice blog..u really have the talent on sewing..nway, feel free to visit my blog..

    thanks ya!

  4. Rafa, Thanks. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)