Ahad, 15 Mei 2011

Tutorial for the..

I made another tutorial. Not one but two.

Step by step on how to sew table cloth and table runner.

The tutorial is one very simple but Arwah MIL sewing machine's gave me a big headache as it started to make fuss on me.. *Grrr...

However, these tutorial will be uploaded in this blog once it managed to appear in the local magazine. Yup, the editor contacted me and approached if I can contribute my tutorial to their magazine and I quickly said Yes, and managed to send these two to them. If the tutorial managed to be published, I'll shout it here and somehow, if they disapprove to print, I will still be happy post them here.. :)

Happy Sunday everybody..


2 ulasan:

  1. kuar mag? mag apa kak? hehehe..curious nye nk tau! ^^

  2. Lynn, tguuu.. ada rezeki akak war-war kan nnt.. heheheh :D